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Tutoring - Elementary

Preparing for high school!

At the Elementary level, our focus is, but not limited to:
  • Mathematics & Problem Solving Skills

  • Mental Math

  • Reading & Comprehension

  • Language (Creative Thinking, Writing Skills, Grammar)

The focus for our elementary students is to make sure they are properly prepared for high school. This means bringing them up to the standard of learning for their age group, filling the gaps in their understanding of the academic curriculum, and giving them the best head start to Grade 9 and beyond. A focus on the foundational subjects (Math, Reading, and Writing) is the basis for learning and mastering other subjects offered in elementary school.


Tutoring is available in 2-hour sessions between the hours of 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm, Monday to Thursday.

 Prices: Registration Fee - $40.00 per student; Tuition Fee - $70.00 per class 


Interested in our tutoring program? Get in touch.

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