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Parent Testimonials

Janet Grant 

“The team at MOPEX Education & Training is very effective in their teaching, provides a great environment to learn, cares for each student and tailors sessions to suit their individual needs. They connected with my daughter and instilled a love for learning. With their guidance igniting her learning, her confidence has increased as she continues to improve the way we hoped."

Leandra Nicholas

"Previously my son went to a private school where I thought he would have excelled. I was wrong. I heard of MOPEX Education and immediately looked into it. This was the best decision we made for our son. Within three weeks,  there was tremendous progress. My son has excelled beyond his grade level and I am so thankful to the teachers at MOPEX Education. They not only teach, but they inspire the kids. They speak life into the kids. I am so proud of my son and so grateful to the teachers."

Steffany Somwar

"For the past 3 months I've had a whirlwind of emotions. My son has had many challenges in 6 years. From bullies, to teachers not taking the time, to being told he has a special need or simply the school thinking they can finesse me. My son is perfectly imperfect so the saying goes. In these short three months, he has gone from not knowing multiplication to knowing his times tables (not all, but it's a start)! He can now read!!!! Literally he can now read!! He couldn't 3 months ago!!! His and my daughter's achievements in a short 3 months has been mind blowing! I highly rate and recommend.
To be honest, I was hesitant to start my kids with Mr. & Mrs. Moe as I have had a ring around with teachers, but honestly, I don't think without them my son or daughter would be as far as they are now in their academics. Mr. & Mrs. Moe are patient, focused and amazing teachers, tutors and mentors. Thank you again!"

Ron Warner

"My son was struggling in his Math class for a period of time when I was referred to Brent and Andrea by a friend of mine. My son found Brent’s services to be extremely helpful and went on to successfully pass his course. Brent and Andrea have shown themselves to be very patient and understanding in their teachings, which makes for an easier learning environment that has undoubtedly added to their success over the years. It is without reservation and hesitancy that I recommend MOPEX Education & Training."

Rose Grant

"I tried many companies before I went to MOPEX. The results here were excellent. Mr. & Mrs. Moe are very experienced and knowledgeable. Their lessons are effective and at the same time enjoyable. My daughter is able to focus and is now doing excellent on her report card. Great tutoring!"

Anthony Roberts

"My daughter was tutored by Brent for a period of two years. Her grades improved tremendously. Brent was patient, personable and always made you feel welcome."

Marcia Benjamin

“It is indeed with gratitude and excitement that I write this letter of appreciation and recommendation for MOPEX Education & Training. Mr. and Mrs. Moe has been such a blessing to my 3 children since the day they entered their service until this day. They have been the other parents when I was not able to cope. They were not only able to teach them effectively, but they were also a source of encouragement and stability when at times I felt overwhelmed. Their services have been instrumental in the development of my children academically, domestically, ethically, morally and spiritually. My 3 daughters started classes at MOPEX from ages 5, 7 and 9. Despite the numerous academic challenges Richelle experienced, Mr. Moe never gave up on her. Nicole and Julieanne have done well over the years. Mr. and Mrs. Moe  customized their services to ensure they all had a solid foundation in Reading, Math, Language and Science. Nicole, after a difficult start, has  maintained an A average, while  Julieanne completed grade 8 with A's and B's.  Nicole now has her sights set on a career in Law. I thank God for finding  Mr. and Mrs. Moe and their services at MOPEX Education and Training. They have truly done an amazing job with our girls. May God bless them as they continue to mold and shape the minds of young people."

Hawa Massaquoi

"As a proud parent, one of the most rewarding things I’m glad I did was enrolling my daughter in MOPEX Education & Training at an early age. The base foundation of my daughter’s academic intelligence started with MOPEX. Ms. Andrea paved the way for my daughter to know her strengths, helped shape her organizational skills, encouraged her to be bold and confident in her academic performances, and much more. Today I can sit back and watch my daughter navigate the school system with ease and boldness. She is a brilliant child and her work at school has proven that on many occasions. Thank you MOPEX Education & Training. I hope other parents will be inspired to enroll their children at your school. Thanks also for noticing the need and for taking the initiative to support the need in our community.."

Ayanna Peazer

“My kids transitioned from Montessori to Public school in September 2019. MOPEX Education & Training helped supplement their learning by keeping them on pace. Then covid - 19 happened. The past year has been challenging no doubt, but with the care, attention, and skill level in which MOPEX handles each child and their individual needs is most definitely unmatched. We've tried various retail-type learning centres, but hands down, MOPEX Education & Training remains unmatched in terms of quality, knowledge, and overall excellence”

Fay Sucre

“Mr. Moe tutored my daughter for Math throughout high school and gave her the confidence and support to be the best at Math. He simplified every concept, allowing her to increase her grades during her exams. The support at MOPEX for both parent and student was incredible. I am a parent with many questions and the staff were ready to explain everything. It was such a good learning environment."

Denise Honore

"MOPEX Education & Training provides structured learning programs for students. Both my daughters have had great success with the Math program. Mr. & Mrs. Moe’s dedication and reliability to my children’s achievement were invaluable. I was impressed with the rapport that I had also seen with other students while visiting. I would recommend MOPEX as they meet each student’s individual needs, skills and interests."

Student Testimonials

Crystal-Lyn Libert

“Mr. Moe is a truly inspiring Math teacher who was patient and took his time with me. As my teacher, he motivated me not to give up and made me believe that I could truly succeed despite the difficulties I was having. His compassion towards me was heart-warming as I never had a teacher so determined to help me. During his program, he was determined for me to succeed and played a huge role in my academics success. With his help, my Math grade rose from a 50 to an 85. I would recommend his services to anyone who require extra academic help."

Nallyssa Jones

"Very kind and patient teacher. I went to Mr. Moe for help in grade 10 IB Math and was able to do much better in the class than prior to that time. He was very helpful in breaking down concepts in simpler ways than my teachers at school. I would definitely recommend him, especially for Math help!"

Rejean Pinder

“Working with Mr. Moe was an absolute pleasure, as he was a significant help with my Functions,  Advanced Functions and Calculus work in grades 11 and 12. He increased my understanding and grades in the said subjects. I would highly recommend him to any student wanting to further their knowledge.”
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