Brent Moe
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Andrea Moe

Brent is the chief operations officer at MOPEX Education & Training. Brent comes from a successful professional career in the healthcare industry. For over 18 years, he distinguished himself as a biomedical engineer at several hospitals. Brent then functioned in a medical equipment planning position, leading the commissioning process for a number of capital healthcare projects. He then progressed to a corporate project director at a healthcare consulting firm. During this 17 - year period, Brent was a part-time teacher for two bachelor of science courses and one certified professional accounting (CPA) course. Brent also successfully prepared candidates for the project management professional (PMP) certification.

In December 2007, Brent and his wife Andrea started MOPEX Education & Training. Their goal was to provide customized educational solutions to local residents in the Durham region.

Teaching, training and helping people succeed, has always been Brent's passion. He has a wealth of experience teaching various subjects at the elementary and high school levels, but he specializes in Math. With his thorough understanding of the Ontario Math curriculum, Brent has the ability to breakdown difficult Math concepts and communicate them in a way that diminishes students' anxiety and lack of confidence. Over the years, he has helped a wide cross-section of students successfully transition to tertiary education, some with full scholarships to US universities. 

Andrea, a professional educator and co-owner at MOPEX Education & Training, is a passionate and exemplary teacher with over 25 years experience. Very early in her career, she earned her Montessori diploma with an emphasis on teaching children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. Andrea's area of specialization is in the development of customized solutions to ensure children receive the right foundation in Reading, Writing, and Math. 

Andrea has developed and implemented study programs for children who fall behind or have late starts in their education. The results have shown complete turn-arounds, enabling them to confidently enter or re-enter where necessary, the mainstream learning environment. 

From the onset of MOPEX Education & Training to the present, Andrea has combined her teaching skills with her creativity, resourcefulness and naturally winsome personality, to restore hope back into the lives of many broken children and their concerned parents.