Grades 1 to 12

Our tutoring services are specially designed to optimize our students' learning experience in elementary school and high school. By building a proper foundation early on, students will be more capable of learning and mastering newer, more difficult concepts they may encounter in high school, college or university, and even the workplace.


Our elementary level tutoring follows a year long curriculum that reviews fundamental concepts, and prepares students for future units and important examinations like the EQAO testing period. Our goal is to have our students master the subjects and skills necessary for a successful high school career.


Mopex offers tutoring in most Math, Science, and English courses offered at high school. We also provide advice concerning course selections and planning a student's pathway to college or university.


If you would like assistance with a specific skill or subject only, you are more than welcome to sign up for one or more of our open session times dedicated to individualized teaching. Contact us or view our information package for more details.

Feel free to download our info package for more details on the services we offer.